Flex the competition! Introducing JOINT Daily Rx

Whether you goal is to dominate in the gym, bring an incredible physique to the stage or compete at a high level, it all comes down to MUSCLES!

Anyone who’s main goal is hypertrophy is always aiming to lift heavier and heavier in the never-ending chase for those bigger muscles. On the other hand, those who are more into definition and an aesthetic physique are always working towards balance toning those muscles. For those that are focused on pure strength, you need muscles that are able work explosively. Even those whose goals have more to do with endurance or cardio-focused exercises like running, biking, swimming - everyone in the end - need muscles that work well and perform their functions efficiently.

As different as all these goals, training and muscle functions are, we all need something that is of the utmost importance and equal for everyone: Healthy Joints

If your joints do not function well, your muscle function, training and results may be compromised from reaching their full potential.

Even if  you are extremely careful, get your warm-ups done properly every time, stretch, keep your mobility up and perform the exercises perfectly, possible joint wear and tear can happen over time.

That is why Exercise Scientists are constantly searching for something that can actively aid the process of protecting and regenerating joint function. When we find this solution, people will be able to train harder, with more intensity and do what they love for much longer.

And guess what? Dragon Pharma worked hard to bring the ultimate Natural Joint Support – Joint Rx


The benefits of Joint Rx

-Promotes Enhanced Joint Function

- Supports Healthy Cartilage

-Supports Healthy Connective Tissue


Joint Rx is the definitive solution for complete joint protection. Formulated with premium ingredients, efficacious dosages, and research backed formulation, Joint Rx and that will bring noticeable results in the real world.


Whenever we train, we are exposing our muscles and joints to controlled stress, which will lead to a process of recovery and overcompensation - this is how our physique evolves.


In other words, we train to generate stress - which ends up affecting both muscles and joints - and the regeneration process get us  bigger, stronger, and/or more toned muscles.


And just like we take EAAs, creatine and other nutrients to accelerate muscle regeneration, we need to do the same with our joints.


- Joint Protection Complex

With joint repair and protection in mind, our Scientific Department developed the Joint Rx with a formula containing premium ingredients, proven by science, in extremely efficient dosages that work through different pathways for maximum results and effectiveness.


- Inflammation Control

BCM-95® is an enhanced version of curcumin, which works through different mechanisms to reduce oxidative stress. This ingredient actively acts to reduce inflammation as well as to decrease cellular pro inflammatory markers.

This is especially important in the joints, as it speeds up the joint repair process and allows you to get ready for the next workout more quickly.


-Improved joint comfort

FRUITEX-B®, another state-of-the-art, high-tech compound, which works by providing effective support against joint discomfort and lack of flexibility associated with joint degeneration conditions such as arthritis, for example.

Research has also shown that FRUITEX-B® acts positively on the physiological response to stress, including the inflammatory response of certain tissues connected to the joints.

Even if you have no signs of joint wear or arthritis, this ingredient is vital for preserving your joints and preventing this type of condition in the future.


-Prevention of Joint Degeneration

Another key component of Joint Rx is Undenatured Type II Collagen (UC II). It is a type of collagen peptide present in cartilage, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

The intake of UC II in adequate doses (40mg / day) brings a series of benefits in itself - such as a great reduction in inflammation caused by joint conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

In addition, daily UCII supplementation can potentially promote the synthesis of proteoglycans in specific cells of the joint, a fact that will promote a significant increase in joint lubrication and prevent tissue degradation.


These natural components work together in synergy to amplify and accelerate results and joint protection.

No matter what your goal or activity, healthy joints are one of the pillars for you to continue reaching your goals.

Joint-RX is the definitive solution for complete joint protection with a single daily dose. One simple, practical, and effective daily dose is all you need to keep your body healthy and your workouts going efficiently and safely!


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