DryUp® is a high-potency diuretic and exothermic catalyst, designed to increase calorie burn, sweat output and rapidly shed subcutaneous (under the skin) water. While some diuretics focus just on water loss, DryUp tales things to a new level with the inclusion of the exothermic ingredientes gamma butyrobetaine and afromomum melegueta to enhance body heat and calorie burn while also addressing excess water. DryUp has also been formulated to address electrolyte loss that is often associated with diuretics to keep muscles functioning properly while helping to attain your best look. Whether you are looking to do a photo shoot, step on the competition stage or just look your best for a pool party, DryUp will get you where you want to be.

Includes natural premium ingredients, producing high-power effects without side effects.

contains dandelion roots extract which leads to shedding excess water without affection potassium levels in the muscles.

Reduces bloating, helping you look leaner and more defined.

keeping a healthy fluid balance is essential in maintaining muscle strength.

DRYUP is a natural diuretic designed to help anyone that desires to shed unwanted water weight fast. DryUp is a perfect supplement for special occasions, such as competitions, photoshoots, reunions, a day at the beach, or for those who just struggle with excess water retention from traveling, stress, spikes in sodium consumption, etc.

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I absolutely love this product! It helps you look and feel lean. Definitely helps with flushing all that excessive bloating. Would highly recommend this product. Elizabeth

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Best diuretic ever! Bruno M.

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Lost more than a couple of inches and feeling tight. I recommend it if you want to lose that extra water weight. Manuel G.


This product not only gave me energy it also helps cure my appetite. Extremely powerful supplement. Would definitely recommend it. Amanda E.

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