Tonio Burton

Tonio Burton, also known as "The Predator" has gained a lot of attention for his impressive performances in the bodybuilding industry. From a 2009 graduate at Hug High school in Reno, Nevada, to one of the top bodybuilding athletes in the world, Tonio first got into bodybuilding at a young age, after years of playing football. Tonio Burton made his pro debut at Indy Pro Bodybuilding Show 2021, and it was clear from the point he took the stage that everyone else was competing for second place. He displayed thick and dense muscles with good balance. The judges approved, which is why he won the final round. After winning the pro show, he was a part of the Olympia 212 lineup. Tonio made his Olympia debut in 2021, he finished 10th in the 212 Division. He then attempted the Open Division for the 2021 Legion Sports Fest and was the overall winner in the Men’s Open Bodybuilding. Tonio Burton is the current champion of of the 2023 New York Pro, which is one of the most important events on the IFBB Pro League. Burton frequently shares updates about his training progress on his social media pages for his followers and he always tries to keep his workout simple, as he’s a firm believer in compound exercises, particularly for beginners.