This is it!! What you have all been waiting for… Dragon Pharma’s first epic chest training video with the 310-pound behemoth Ramy. The Dragon Pharma staff videoing this workout can tell you one thing, when Ramy walks into the gym, people stop and stare! Most people can feel the intensity in Ramy when he walks into the gym as a man on a mission. That mission is to be the best bodybuilder on the planet! Ramy’s chest is one of his biggest body parts, and he crushes most competitors in the side chest and most muscular. If you have ever had the chance seen the colossal Ramy on stage competing, when he hits his chest poses, it’s almost as if his chest bursts out of the skin. Sit back and watch closes as Dragon Pharma gives you an exclusive training video of Ramy training chest.

30 Minutes Before Exercise:

Big Ramy: 1 Full Scoop of Venom Pre-Workout*

Venom Pre-Workout is so strong that even 300 plus Big Ramy only needs one full scoop. Most men will want to start with a ½ scoop and then assess tolerance before using a full scoop.

Warm-Up: 10 Minutes of Rotator Cuff Exercises: Front raise, Internal rotation, and external rotation.

Warming up your shoulder joint is essential before any chest workout with rotator cuff exercises. Remember the deltoid is a ball and socket joint and once you damage the tendons, your screwed!! If you want shoulder longevity, doing this exercise can preserve your shoulders and keep you in the gym and out of the orthopedics office. Rotator cuff injuries are relatively common in the bodybuilding and fitness world because people want to get right to their workout. However, taking a few minutes to do some warm exercises can save your delts from serious injuries. The prevention of shoulder injuries can be avoided by stretching and strengthening the shoulder muscles and tendons. Rotator cuff injuries occur when the tendons become inflamed which causes a painful pinching sensation when the shoulder is moved.

With a very light dumbbell, place your elbow at your side, raise your forearm until it’s at a 90-degree angle to your upper arm, and rotate your hand away from your body.

Dragon Pharma Tip: Never use more than a 5- or 10-pound dumbbell; this is meant to be a warm-up for the shoulders. It would be best if you were doing roughly 20 reps with very light weight to get the blood flowing to the delts. If you want to try something else, you a thera band and attach it to the stable structure and use this as an alternative.

Dragon Pharma NOTE: Ramy can easily do 500 pounds on the bench press, but he rarely does free weight bench because he does not want to tear a pec. Bodybuilding legends such as Kevin Levrone and Rich Gaspari have both ripped their pec muscles doing heavy bench press. Ramy trains much smarter and focuses on the muscle instead of how much weight is on the bar. Ramy rarely goes over 4 plates on the bench press and that’s extremely rare because he feels he can get all the muscle growth from hammer strength machine. New research suggests that similar gains in muscle mass can occur using both heavy and light weight, as long as the muscles are trained to absolute failure.


Dragon Pharma Tip: Notice after Ramy finishes his warm-up, he is mentally preparing for the workout at hand. He is not texting or checking out the girl doing stiff legged deadlifts!! It’s game time, taking Venom Pre-Workout can also support mental focus and drive! Mentally preparing yourself for the workout at hand can be the difference between an epic workout and one that sucks!!

Incline Dumbbell Flyes: 4 warm up sets, 4 sets of 10 repetitions
Ramy likes to pre-exhaust his upper chest muscles first by doing incline dumbbell flyes. Ramy starts with a few warm-up sets and then pyramid up in weights. He will then do 4 subsequent drop sets training each set till failure. The Incline dumbbell fly is one of the best exercises you can do for a massive chest because you are able to get a deep stretch and maximally activate the chest fibers. The degree of incline should be between 30 and 45 degrees - Not more than 45 degrees. If you angle the bench higher than 45 degrees, you are targeting the front deltoids more than your upper chest.

The most common mistake made by people performing the incline dumbbell flyes is not using a wide enough arc with their arms. Imagine yourself “hugging a tree.”, At the end of every rep, one of the biggest mistakes is when lifters clang or touch the weights. Every time you touch the weight you reduce the tension of the upper pecs.

Muscles Trained: Chest; Secondary: Shoulders, triceps

Dragon Pharma Tip: Notice the black Dragon Pharma Pro Lifting Grip wraps that Ramy uses to keep the weight in his hand. Dragon Pharma grips are amazing for doing chest, back, and delt workouts. The leather straps wrap around the bar and make it virtually impossible for the weight to slip out of your hands.

Intra-Workout Dr. FEAAR Essential Amino Acids
Dr. FEAAR is the revolutionary new essential amino drink to contain Leucine Enriched Amino9TM, a blend of all nine essential amino acids (EAAs), including the three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Dr. FEAAR is best-taken intra-workout because it can help maintain an anabolic drive in response to intense exercise. Dr. FEAAR can also reduce the adverse effects of cortisol produced during exercise.

Big Ramy Intra-Workout Dose: 1 Full Scoop of DR.FEAAR

After flyes, he moves on to Hammer Strength Inclines Press. Notice that Ramy lifts in a slow and controlled manner. When Ramy is performing these repetitions, notice he pauses for a brief second at the top to squeeze the muscle and get a maximum contraction. Interestingly, a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that when lifters were told to “squeeze the muscle” and “focus on the muscle being contracted” had greater increases in muscle mass than those that were told to just workout.

Muscles Trained: Chest; Secondary: Shoulders, triceps

Dragon Pharma Tip: Many lifters use to much weight and don’t emphasize the eccentric contraction (the lowering movement). Notice that Ramy is not jerking the weight up and down but lifts in a controlled tempo while squeezing the muscle each repetition.

Notice that when Ramy does this variation of the cable flyes, he leans on an incline bench for maximal isolation. One of the most common mistakes made doing this exercise is that lifters will use their back and lean too far forward taking tension off the chest and redirecting it to the delts. Notice that Ramy has a slight bend in his elbows and does not to let them travel behind his shoulders. Lying on the incline results in greater isolation of the chest with no additional swinging from the legs or other body parts.

Muscles Trained: Chest; Secondary: Shoulders, triceps

Dragon Pharma Tip: When performing these, imagine yourself trying to hug a large barrel or a tree. The cable flye is one of the best isolation exercises for the chest you can perform. You get a full range of motion, and the other benefits are that you don’t need to put a ton of weight on the bar and risk excessive wear and tear on the joints.

Dragon Pharma Tip: Notice that Ramy is doing some light stretching between sets. A new study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that those lifters that stretched between sets had greater increases in muscle mass than those that did not.

Lying Hammer Chest Press
The lying hammer chest press is a way to perform the bench press movement pattern with a focus on isolating the chest. The hammer machine chest press uses a fixed movement pattern which can better isolate the chest muscle. Notice that Ramy keeps constant tension on the muscle by never allowing it to rest on his chest. Also notice that at the end of every repetition, Ramy will squeeze the muscle at the top.

Muscles Trained: Chest; Secondary: Shoulders, triceps

Post Workout: Dragon Pharma ISO-PHORM

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