Boost your efforts to get a shredded body

You've been going to the gym, you've been meticulous about your diet, you're doing everything right, but when you look in the mirror, your body looks swollen, and it's not as defined as you would like. Well, that mirror is not doing justice to all the hard work you are putting on for months.


Body fat levels may not be the issue. Perhaps it is a swelling problem related to the excess of subcutaneous water.


When the body simply cannot flush excess water properly, you start to feel swollen, and you may notice fluctuations in body weight in a short period of time.


On some occasions, such as a competition, a professional appointment, a photoshoot, etc. - getting rid of this excess water can make quite a difference.


Several factors can cause excess Subcutaneous Water accumulation:


Food: On active people, this is the leading cause. Highly processed and high-sodium foods can negatively interfere with the electrolyte balance and cause you to accumulate liquid and not flush it properly.


Not drinking enough water: It's a misconception that not drinking water will help reduce water retention. It is the other way around. The more water you drink, the more your kidneys will work to eliminate the excess. If you drink little water, your body will try to hold as many liquids as possible and keep them a safe "reserve".


Menstrual cycle: Normal hormonal changes due to monthly periods can make women more bloated and swelled.


Hormonal variations or dysfunctions: some hormonal dysfunctions can also cause a change in the body's water balance.


Sedentarism: Lack of exercise causes many ills, one of which is the accumulation of excess subcutaneous water.


Long time working in the same position (standing or sitting): The heart pumps blood through our body, but we also have something called muscle pumping. In regions far from the heart, such as the feet, the calf muscles' action is essential for good blood circulation and prevents fluid from being trapped in that region.


Some of these causes are easily managed, others less so, and require medical help. The truth is that the sum of some of these factors can cause episodes of retention a little longer - which can have negative impacts on your aesthetics.


But to understand this, we need to know how water, and how the body holds water, can influence your definition and body weight almost as much as fat.



Water Retention x Muscle Definition x Weight Loss


We realize that these variations in water retention happen due to slips in food when we are on a diet or when we go through a phase of bad eating habits.


When we go through those lousy times where our food is not perfectly aligned, the body tends to retain more fluid, and consequently, our body weight goes up. At that moment, you may notice that your body is getting "soft," muscles are not as defined as they used to.


How it works


To have a cut physique, with muscle well defined - or having that desirable 6 pack – you need two things:


1-Low body fat

2-No excess of subcutaneous water (water under the skin)


The first part (having low body fat) following a well-balanced diet, high protein, avoids sugars, eats the right amount of carbohydrates and fats, and follows a good exercise program.


The second part, having little water under your skin, requires a few extra steps. You need to keep a diet with sodium under control, avoid highly processed foods, drink plenty of water consistently.



How to decrease water retention:


-Eat more protein - proteins have a mild diuretic effect, but that can help when added to other actions.


-Eat six to eight servings of vegetables such as cabbage, cucumber, parsley, and green leaves. In addition to other benefits, these vegetables begin to have a moderate diuretic effect in these amounts.


-Avoid eating refined sugar and other processed foods.


-Avoid eating foods rich in sodium (or salt) - on weekends or cheating days. The trend is that we eat more foods rich in sodium, such as barbecue, pizza, hamburgers, soft drinks, cheeses, soy sauce, etc.

This sudden sodium intake causes a rebound effect in our body, which begins to retain excess water.


On weekends, have a little fun, but don't go too far out of your diet plan to avoid setbacks.


Drink (a lot) more water: To eliminate water, you need to drink water. If you are drinking little water, your body will try to retain as many fluids as possible to have a "safe reserve". If you drink copious amounts of water every day, you send a clear message to your body: that it does not have to worry, as there is water coming infrequently.


How to reach the next level


Control the layer of liquid under your skin. But what about when we want to go one step further? When do we want something extra for a photoshoot for Instagram, a weekend at the beach, or even wearing a bolder outfit at a party or special occasion?


Removing that extra hold and letting your physique dry like the desert will undoubtedly improve your body noticeably and tangibly.



Dry Up


That's where Dragon Pharma's Dry Up comes in. Dry Up is a diuretic and exothermic catalyst of high power and effectiveness. It was designed to be used by men and women.


When you think about flushing excess subcutaneous water, the extra fluid, the first mechanism that comes to mind is the one that expels water through the urine. And of course, this is one of the main ways in which Dry Up will help you.


But what makes Dry Up unique on the market is the second mechanism of action - with Dry Up, you will eliminate a considerable amount of liquid through sweat output.


There are two mechanisms for eliminating liquids for you to have twice as better results.


I'll start by talking about how Dry Up will act on the first front - direct, strong, and natural diuretic action.


You will find the best, most advanced, and safest ingredients in the Dry Up diuretic matrix.


The first one is Dandelion Root (Dandelion Root). Studies have shown that this extract acts powerfully in the production and release of urine. With a bonus - it is rich in potassium, which helps to protect your health as it helps to keep electrolyte levels under control.


Horsetail Extract (Horsetail) is another natural component that acts on diuresis and releases liquid through urine.


The herb Uva ursi is traditionally used in diuresis. Still, it is also known to act in the maintenance of the lymphatic system and the control of urinary infections, as it contains substances that prevent the proliferation of bacteria in human tissues.


Do not stop there. Juniper Berry (Juniper Berry)  is a light diuretic ingredient, but it works synergistically with the other compounds and contains many antioxidants.


Dry Up's second mechanism of action is exotherm - that is, ingredients that will make your body produce more heat. When we have more heat, two things happen:


1-We burn more calories to generate this energy, which will become heat. We call this Thermogenesis.



2-The extra heat has to be dissipated, so the body sends water to the surface of the skin to cool us down. That's why we sweat.


It's a double effect - you generate more heat, sweat more, eliminate even more liquid, and burn more calories. For all of this to happen, ingredients of high purity and technology are needed, unlike anything you see here.


The first of these is Gamma Butyrobetaine (Gamma Butyrobetaine)

Known to some as a "Super Carnitine, the butyrobetaine range is a precursor to carnitine that is converted to l-carnitine. It increases nitric oxide production and has an exothermic effect on the body, releasing a good amount of sweat during your workout, especially during cardio sessions.

The other component is the fantastic Afromomum melegueta (Pepper-of-Guinea) - a spice similar to ginger that works as a strong thermogenic - working especially in increasing body temperature and reducing visceral fat.



Not just another diuretic


The biggest problem when using products to eliminate water retention is that considerable amounts of minerals are lost along with the eliminated water, causing unwanted side effects.


Dry Up has a complex of electrolytes Calcium, magnesium, and potassium - which will immediately replace your mineral, maintaining electrolyte balance, avoiding unwanted side effects such as headaches, nausea, extreme fatigue, muscle spasms, and weakness.


Dry Up a unique product on the market that gives protection and double action in getting rid of excess water weight fast.


How to use


The use of DryUp is intended for the intense drop of water weight and maximum muscle definition, not for continuous use. Perfect for pre-competition preparation, photoshoot, etc.


For best results, use 4 capsules in the morning with 16oz of water and 4 capsules 6-8 hours after taking the first dose.



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