This weekend, Team Dragon Pharma athletes - Big Ramy, Logan Franklin and Andre Ferguson will be competing in the biggest Bodybuilding show on the planet – Mr. Olympia.

Each of them competes in a different category. What do they have in common? All of them are fighting for the biggest bodybuilding title and for that, they needed to get there in the best shape of their lives.

The task

For elite athletes, like Ramy, Andre and Logan, every little detail counts. They need to make sure that they are only consuming very high quality nutrients, as they need to have a high performance in training to ensure a visually aesthetic, highly defined and bulky physique.

For them, every gram of muscle mass counts. In the rigorous cutting process carried out by the elite in the professional levels of the sports, the task of maintaining maximum muscle mass is a priority.

That is why they need to have a Premium Protein to supply their muscles with adequate amounts of amino acids of high nutritional value.

In addition, to achieve maximum definition, they need to avoid consuming high amounts of carbohydrates, sugars and undesirable agents such as lactose and gluten.

Logan FranklinLogan Franklin

The solution

The solution for this trio of athletes is Dragon Pharma's IsoPhorm. IsoPhorm is a Premium, Isolated and Hydrolyzed protein that provides Whey Protein of the highest nutritional value with zero added sugars, lactose or gluten.

An IsoPhorm scoop offers you nothing but the purest whey protein.

For elite athletes, the absorption of nutrients counts a lot. That's why they use IsoPhorm, which has ultra-fast and efficient absorption. It would be impossible for them to reach the top of Olympia if they used a low quality protein and full of unwanted additives.

Time is also worth gold for these athletes. They need to get ready for the show as soon as possible. For this, they need to create a highly anabolic environment so that they can train harder and harder and ensure a quick recovery.

For all these reasons Big Ramy, Andre Ferguson and Logan Franklin use IsoPhorm daily.

Athletes vs. General Public

When we, “normal people”, want to reach our best shape, build as much muscle mass, dry and burn all possible body fat - we can and should use the same dietary strategies as professional athletes.

Of course, the level of intensity in training can be different, the amounts of macros will be different - but the types of foods and supplements are the same. What Pros use successfully, can and should be used by us, mere mortals with equal efficiency.

IsoPhorm has been supplying the muscles of elite athletes with Premium Protein for years. It's time for you to start having the benefits of IsoPhorm in your training routine.

As there is no additive in IsoPhorm, each scoop provides you with 100% Whey Protein Isolate and Hydrolysate. This is very important as it does not add any unwanted macro to your diet plan and provides pure protein of high nutritional value with ultra-fast absorption.

If you are in the muscle gaining phase, a fast-absorbing protein is super important as it will provide you with high amounts of protein and will allow for rapid gastric emptying - which will allow you to eat the next meal more quickly and comfortably.

If you are cutting, each gram of protein absorbed is an extra step to avoid catabolism, a process of muscle wasting. If you've tried cutting, you know how depressing it is to see all your muscle mass go away during the process. Adequate levels of protein of high nutritional value and correct timing (where rapid absorption comes in) are extremely important to prevent and mitigate this process.

In addition to all this, it has the practicality factor. Professional athletes generally lead their lives around their training sessions and meals. This is probably not the reality of the vast majority of us.

We all have work, school, family commitments. All of that prevents us from having time to sit at the table 6 times a day to eat a solid meal.

The practicality of IsoPhorm, combined with its delicious Premium flavors are an extra benefit.

With a high solubility and a delicious flavor, IsoPhorm can be consumed quickly in the form of shakes or can be easily added to the most varied recipes, making your life much easier and your diet much more tasty and without guilt.

Andre Fergunson

The Next Level

Several studies have demonstrated for years the importance of ingesting adequate levels of protein both in the process of hypertrophy and in maintaining muscle mass.

Every year, the information that the nutritional value, the quality of the protein, its levels of amino acids and its absorption rate has also been playing an important role in these processes has been reinforced.

IsoPhorm was developed with these factors in mind. It was a supplement created to fill all these gaps and leave nothing to chance for everyone to achieve expressive results in their body definition.

IsoPhorm is the choice of elite athletes like Logan Franklin, Big Ramy and Andre Ferguson to take their physique to the next level.

How about you? Are you ready to take your results and physique to the next level?

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