Dragon Pharma is known internationally for the extreme quality and technological innovation in its products, designed to help people who always want better performance in their training and more results in their physiques.

Our Scientific department spares no effort to formulate the most advanced products, with the most powerful formulas, using the most innovative ingredients. All this to allow you to go further - have more performance in your workouts and conquer an increasingly better and differentiated physique.

But Dragon Pharma knows that, first of all, we are human. In order for us to have an excellent physical appearance and perform better, all our systems and organs need to be in perfect working order.

That is why we launched the new Dragon RX Line, with products specifically formulated to allow everything in your body to function in the best possible way - to guarantee you the best in Health and Physical Performance.

According to Drew Peters, our Director of Science at Dragon Pharma, the Dragon RX line was designed to assist the body's vital systems - not just recover, but improve and support our body's daily needs. The Dragon RX line was created to improve both performance and health functions, because when it comes to maximizing your results and achieving your goals, you have to start from the inside out.

One solution for every system in your body

The Dragon RX line brings a series of innovative products, formulated with cutting-edge ingredients, scientifically proven and unlike anything you've ever tried.

The line covers virtually all systems in our body and offers an effective solution for them to work even better.

Stress RX acts in the mitigation of Stress, acting on several fronts such as the control of cortisol, hormone levels, among others, offering a natural and efficient response in reducing Stress.

Immune RX has been formulated to support optimal immune function using a combination of high-potency ingredients that act as natural immunomodulators. With Vitamin C RX as a companion in this mission.

Cardio RX was created to maintain the health of the cardiovascular system and allow adequate levels of blood pressure, healthy blood flow and general maintenance of vascular tissues.

Liver RX will be one of your greatest allies, as it supports healthy liver function, natural detoxification processes and provides cellular health with powerful antioxidant support.

And Prostate RX takes care of one of the biggest concerns of men throughout their lives - the prostate. Its ingredients promote healthy prostate function and improve the natural anti-inflammatory response in the tissues of the region.

Your Health First

The Dragon RX line offers a wide variety of products to make everything in you work more efficiently and healthily. They are a simple solution to mitigate and prevent more serious problems.

The entire Dragon RX line can be used in conjunction with any other product in the dragon Pharma line. Come to know more about this news now!


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