It's time to go on a diet to remove that excess fat, get a six pack and get into shape. This is something that everyone is looking for, yet many struggle to get to their ultimate goal.

In the cutting phase, a restricted diet and intense training are a must, but if you’re looking to take the intensity to a new level and reach your goals faster than ever, that’s where Dragon Pharma's Black Viper comes into play.

Black Viper will help speed up your metabolism, expedite fat burning, provide smooth and explosive energy and improve overall mood state to help you train and do your daily activities with ease, even during a low calorie diet.

But, in order for it to work at maximum effectiveness and take full advantage of its benefits, some important steps need to be followed:

1- Adjust your workouts

To lose fat, you must burn more calories than you consume. Fat burners, like the Black Viper have the ability to accelerate the metabolism – in other words - make you burn more calories at rest, but also amplify your caloric expenditure during exercise.

You do not necessarily need to increase your training volume at the gym. That is, you do not need to increase the number of reps and sets. In fact, it can even be harmful at this stage.

You see, during a cutting phase, we are eating less calories, using fat burners and doing more cardio. This all has an impact on the capacity of muscle and central nervous system recovery in our body.

Therefore, increasing the number of sets or training days at the gym is generally not a good idea and can be counter productive

The best alternative is to increase the intensity. Use super-sets more often, do drop-sets and if your gym allows - do tri-sets or giant sets.

Giant sets are a good alternative in the cutting phase. They consist of selecting 4 to 6 exercises for the same muscle group and performing them in sequence, without rest.

For example, you chose 4 back exercises. You do a series of each without rest. After finishing the first round, rest 60 seconds and start the second set and repeat.

It is generally a difficult technique to be implemented as it is necessary for a person to take over 4 to 6 pieces of equipment at once. In a busy gym this is a problem. This would disturb you and the rest of the people who use the gym. Watch out.

More feasible is utilizing more intense regular sets and super sets, which is a lot more realistic in most scenarios. Shorten rest intervals between sets. Use between 30 and 45 seconds maximum.


2- Use the Burner at the Right Time

The timing of supplements is very important. Just like the timing of meals and workouts too.

One of the most effective strategies for burning fat is to do fasted cardio. It is not something that beginners should do. But if you already have years of training experience and know how your body responds - this is an option to consider.

In that case, it would be beneficial to use the burner a few minutes before starting cardio. With that, the ingredients can start to act and amplify the use of fat as energy during and after your cardio.

As this will be done in the morning, you will have high energy levels throughout most of your day - allowing for a second burner dose right after lunch or before weight training (if your weight training is done at lunchtime or until mid-afternoon).

Another example, if for time reasons, you train in the late morning or at lunchtime - you can use a dose of Black Viper just before your workout. And when it's time to increase and use a second dose - take the dose upon waking up.


3- How to combine with other supplements

It is also necessary to pay attention to the timing of other supplements, such as pre-workouts. If you do your strength training in the morning, followed by your cardio - using a burner just before training is an excellent option.

But in this context, care must be taken if you use a pre-workout. In a situation like this, using a product like Black Viper and a pre-workout like Venom together is not a good idea. These are two very powerful products and this could be counterproductive.

In that case, the best option to optimize your training is to use the Black Viper and MR. VEINZ Stim-Free Pre-training, both from Dragon Pharma. MR. VEINZ is a stimulant free pre-workout, that uses potent nootropics instead of stimulants for enhancing focus and training intensity paired with ingredients that maximize pumps and extreme vasodilation. This makes MR. VEINZ the ideal Pre-Workout to stack with Black Viper.

MR. VEINZ contains a Matrix of Pumps and Muscle Hyperhydration - with potent doses of Nitrosigine® and HydroMax® - that provide extreme pumps and vasodilation.

This all makes your workout even more anabolic, as you will have a lot more nutrients going to your muscles, an ability to perform more repetitions per set and your recovery will be optimized. All of this becomes especially important in a cutting phase, where every detail tells you not to cannibalize your own muscle mass.


4- Stay Hydrated, very hydrated

Never underestimate water and the power of hydration as a well-hydrated body works best. When you are properly hydrated, your metabolism works properly, your muscles are volumized, your joints more lubricated. These factors combine to help you work better, train better, burn more calories and ultimately, burn more fat.

Another thing that we don't always realize is that when we drink larger amounts of water, we end up having a lesser chance of consuming drinks with calories. This dramatically decreases caloric intake.

A 300 ml glass of unsweetened orange juice has between 20 and 25 grams of carbohydrates (all from sugar!). When you drink a glass of water instead of a glass of juice, you are skipping calories equivalent to 100g of potato!

A fat burner, like the Black Viper, increases your metabolism, and an accelerated metabolism burns more energy. This generates more body heat, which needs to be dissipated through sweat.

With that in mind, this increased rate of sweat means we are also losing more fluids. Expelling extra fluid, which has been retained in the body is very beneficial, but if you don't drink enough water, it can leave you dehydrated and become detrimental.


Benefits of Black Viper

Using a fat burner will not work miracles, but it will help you a lot if you are on a regular diet and training.

Dragon Pharma's Black Viper is the most powerful burner on the market. It contains a unique selection of ingredients that accelerate weight loss by increasing thermogenesis, metabolic rate and fat metabolism, resulting in reduced body fat, increased energy and stimulation of refined mental focus throughout the day.

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