Venom - Extreme Potency Pre-Workout

What do we want when we go to the gym? What makes our physiques better and allows us to Improve, week after week, month after month? Super Intense and consistent workouts!

Imagine a workout in which you do set after set, increasing weight each time and break your records and exceed your limits. Full-blown intensity from beginning to end of training.

In this type of training, the pump starts to arrive, the energy and stimulation won't let you rest. With each repetition your body asks for more and with each set, your mind asks for more. Intense workouts like this are able to totally change your physique and take you to a level you never imagined.

That's what Venom, the most powerful Pre-Workout on the market, delivers to you! Powerful and sustained energy and focus that will make your training deliver maximum performance from the first to the last set.

In addition, Venom is the tastiest pre-workout you've ever tried. That way, you can have all the benefits in your performance and physique while enjoying a delicious flavor experience.

Energy and Stimulation Like You’ve Never Felt Before

The Focus and Energy Matrix was scientifically developed with a series of innovative and differentiated ingredients in a Pre-Workout, which dramatically increase your energy levels, improve your mood and increase your focus without the dreaded “crash”.

Lasting Pumps

It is another product developed with innovative technology and proven by science. The Pump Matrix ingredients are the most potent on the market - Nitrosigine which outperforms Citrulline Malate and is 500% more efficient than conventional Arginine and S7 which can increase endogenous nitric oxide by 230%.

Amplified Thermogenesis

For those demanding a complete pre-workout experience, in addition to a powerful stimulation and intense training performance, Venom also has been formulated to help improve your body composition via fat loss to reveal a defined physique.

No matter if you are a man or a woman, no matter what your goal, Venom is the Pre-Workout that will flip the switch and help you achieve a better physique and extremely intense workouts.

The benefits of the New Venom:


The Science of Venom


Venom is an extremely potent and concentrated pre-workout composed of high-tech ingredients clinically studied to boost your energy levels, maximize muscle volume, increase strength and mental focus.

Innovation through research occurs through the search for new ingredients, which are of the highest quality and deliver the best results. This is what Dragon Pharma is constantly seeking.

And here we are with ingredients that will completely change your training and results.

One of them is Dynamine®, one of the main ingredients in the New Venom's Focus and Energy matrix.

Dynamine® is an alkaloid naturally found in Kucha leaf. It amplifies mood energy levels and Cognitive Focus by activating Dopamine receptors and inhibiting adenosine receptors.

It is an extremely potent ingredient and generates incredible results with dosages of 50 to 100mg.

In addition to all this, Dynamine® does not raise blood pressure or cause tachycardia. This is especially useful in a pre-workout, as it allows other components of indisputable effects, such as caffeine, to be used in potent and safe doses to further amplify the results.

In this version, we have an even greater stimulus and power, with increased focus and intense energy. You will never want to train without it again!

The Focus and Energy Matrix also includes ingredients such as Huperzine, L-Theanine and Tyrosine, which amplify the effects of Dynamine and Caffeine and also improve cognitive and focus capacities and prevent Crash.


Venom is known as the most potent pre-workout, with concentrated and potent ingredients that give you sustained energy, sharp focus and inhibit the feeling of fatigue. This all allows you to train with an intensity never seen before.

Venom also has a Pump Matrix that delivers a strong vasodilating effect. Even though this is not the main focus of this product, we wanted to also deliver a good pump to reward all the intensity and performance generated in your training with Venom.

That is why we include a Pumps Matrix with already established and proven ingredients such as Nitrosigine®, which promotes sustained Pumps and acts in the capture of nutrients for the muscle cell.

In addition, research shows that Nitrosigone is about 500% more bioavailable than traditional Arginine and 6 times more efficient than Citrulline. Research has shown that 1.5 grams of Nitrosigine matches, if not outperforms 8 grams of citrulline.

The Pumps Matrix also has S7®, which is a blend based on plants that increases the production of endogenous nitric oxide by about 230%.

CaloriBurn GP®

Known as Alligator Pepper or Grains of Paradise, this ingredient aggressively increases metabolism and burns calories, and research suggests that it has anti-obesity and anti-diabetic mechanisms.

Caloriburn GP® is one of the innovative and scientifically proven ingredients in the new Venom. You have never seen anything like that in pre-workout before.

This way, you have a higher caloric expenditure associated with the use of Venom, which can help you in reducing body fat and in the search for improved body composition, even in phases of muscle gain.

The Most Powerful Pre-Workout - Venom

Formulated to leave no stone unturned,  Venom is an experience unlike any other. Intense energy and focus, maximum pumps and enhanced calorie burn...flip the switch with Dragon Pharma Venom.

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